You can find my pots

in the following locations:


My Studio

by appointment (give me a call!)


Gallery 113

125 1/2 N. Tejon St.

Downtown Colorado Springs

Please visit their online store!


Arati Artists Gallery

2425 W. Colorado Ave.

Old Colorado City

Please visit their online store!

Kreuser Gallery

125 E Boulder St.

 Colorado Springs

Please visit their online store!

Poor Richard's

320 N Tejon St.

 Colorado Springs

Reserve - Our Gallery

400 W Midland Ave Suite 120

Woodland Park, CO 80863

Loop LLC

325 Silver St.

Lake City, CO


Happy July!

Lots of exciting things happening in my little world!

In April, some of my pots took up residence in PoorRichard's.  In May, I became a member at Woodland Park's newest hot spot gallery "Reserve - Our Gallery".  In June, my pots traveled further into the mountains finding a home at Loop LLC!  I have a new color that's pretty exciting (note the icy blue in the above picture) and this month I'm a featured artist at Arati Artist's Gallery in Old Colorado City with fellow artists Suzy Gardner and Kang Lee Shepherd.   Although I'm not able to attend First Friday this month (July 2, 5-8pm), it's exciting that everyone is able to gather again and celebrate amazing art with our favorite patrons.  I have new Horse Hair pots to share and am excited to get back into the studio with fresh inspirations!