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You can find my pots

in the following locations:


My Studio

by appointment (give me a call!)


Gallery 113

125 1/2 N. Tejon St.

Downtown Colorado Springs

Auric Gallery (formerly Kreuser Gallery)

125 E Boulder St.

 Colorado Springs

Please visit their online store!

Reserve - Our Gallery

400 W Midland Ave Suite 120

Woodland Park, CO 80863

A visit to Alburquerque, NM earlier this month found my husband and I amazed and humbled as we explored the Petroglyph National Monument. To have this small glimpse into a civilization from hundreds of years ago was truly a special treat. The trip inspired me to purchase micaceous clay, mined near Taos, NM. This clay is special in that it is traditionally used soley for utilitarian purposes (bean pots, bread cloches, etc.) The mica that is in the clay allows it to have the strength for baking in the oven, using on a stovetop or in a fire.

The beauty is in it's simplicity, in form and decoration. I'm excited to see what beauty my own two hands can pull from this clay and I hope to be able to share it's traditions with you.

Also of note regarding our trip is a chance encounter I had with a fellow studio potter. Firstly, it's not everyday that you find a pottery studio 2 doors down from your Airbnb. Secondly, this came with the added bonus of that potter being a beautiful soul who welcomed me in, introduced me to her chicken, gave me a tour of her studio and chatted with me for probably an hour about the many things we potters can chat about. With everything going on in the world today, these are the moments to cherish, embrace and pay forward. 

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